Warpage & Roundness Checker for Tubes & Barrels

Warpage & Roundness Checker for Tubes & Barrels
Warpage & Roundness Checker for Tubes & Barrels
Product Description

Warpage & Roundness Checker for Tubes, Barrels & Bores - PROBIUSTM UNO for smooth round pipes


The instrument is designed for measuring of inner diameter (out-of-roundness) and non-straightness (warpage) of smooth round tube, barrels and bores with cylindrical form.


The instrument allows to measure:

·           Inner diameter

·           Out-of-roundness

·           Non-straightness (warpage)

·           Laser bore alignment

·           Probe position in respect to the pipe end

·           Accuracy

·           Non-straightness (warpage) +/- 0.01 mm

·           Diameter (ot-of-roundness) +/- 0.01 mm

·           Distance +/- 0.5mm

·           Non-straightness range +/- 0.5 mm (up to 20 mm)


The probe houses:

·           6-channel module that measures inner diameter, out-of-roundness

·           Non-straightness channel

·           Laser distance channel which measures the distance from the probe to the pipe end to bind measured results

·           The system is able to measure pipes with inner diameters from 100mm. Pipe length is up to 10 m.

·           The probe is wireless, has a battery and connected to a computer via WiFi. All movements of the probe are automatic and operate by software.


The instrument contains:

·           Adjustable laser source

·           Self-moving wireless probe

·           Set of cables and connectors

·           Calibration unit (option)

·           Calibration certificate

·           Software and User Manual

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