Laser Shaft Alignment System AVV 701 Pro

Laser Shaft Alignment System AVV 701 Pro
Laser Shaft Alignment System AVV 701 Pro
Product Description

Laser Shaft Alignment System AVV-701Pro



·      The Professional alignment system that quickly and accurately measures to align at higher level

·      Coupling shaft alignment

·      Bore & engine pockets alignment

·      Spindle alignment

·      Cardan shaft

·      Flatness measurement

·      Straightness measurement



·      Complete hardware, software and various brackets option to meet application and budget requirement

·      Simple and quick set up from benefits of direct single plane 2-axis detector reduce set-up time & measuring process

·      User defined fix/reference points for bore & flatness

·      Up to 1600 flatness points in single flatness work piece, i.e. no more complication in joining of data file.

·      Tolerance setting

·      True measurement of bores any 3/4/8-points by high accurate rotating center bracket

·      Flexible plane sequence on any bore

·      True graphical of actual bore position at every 10 rotation

·      Analysis of bore roundness and measurement reliability

·      Variety of flatness plane selection, Abs, BestFit & Ref. fixed

·      Result value in all positive (+), all negative (-) or negative & positive (+)

·      PC report for documentation and database management via USB communication

·      Customize report detail with company logo

·      More fundamental shaft alignment advantages can be read from AVV-701 brochure




System & Display


Aluminum alloy

Environmental Protection

IP 65 (water spray resistant, shock and dustproof)

Display Size & Type

61x61mm; Backlite dot matrix LCD

Display Resolution

0.01mm, 0.001mm

Rechargeable battery

4x 1.2 Volts


2Mb (expandable to 1GB optional)

Data Storage Format

User defined folder and real-time

User Interface

Alphanumeric direct 17 key

Output Interface

Two-way high speed USB

Operating Temperature

0ºC to 55ºC

Power Supply

Built-in Rechargeable or AC adaptor direct

Component Weight



Transducers (Std Laser & Sensors)

Measurement Resolution


Electronic Inclinometer

0.1º resolution


10x10mm PSD

Measurement Range

max. 10m

Operating Temperature

0ºC to 55ºC

Component Weight

approx. 255g

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