Internal Surface Scanner for Pipes,Tubes & Barrels

Internal Surface Scanner for Pipes,Tubes & Barrels
Internal Surface Scanner for Pipes,Tubes & Barrels
Product Description

Internal Surface Scanner (Laser / Video) for Pipes, Tubes & Barrels- PROBIUSTM Ultimate

·      For smooth, profiled and rifled pipes wide range of diameter

·      The instrument is designed for video inspection and laser non-contact measuring and scanning of internal surface of pipes, tubes and barrels.


The instrument allows to measure:

·      Inner diameter

·      Ovality

·      Out-of-roundness

·      Non-straightness (warpage) option

·      Probe position in respect to the pipe end

·      Profiling and rifling geometrical dimensions (step, height, width, spherical radius, angles)

·      Geometrical dimensions of visible superficial defects


The probe consists of:

·      3D laser rotating scanner

·      Frontal video channel for inner surface inspection

·      Side video channel for details inspection (Integrated into the scanner module) (option)

·      Laser distance meter which measures the distance from the probe to the pipe end to bind measured results

·      Inclinometer


Technical Specifications





Internal Diameter, mm

From 100 to 150

From 55 to 100

From 150 to 300

Length, mm

Up to 100

Video inspection

2 cameras : front & side

1 front camera

2 cameras : front & side

View angle

180 degrees with distortion compensation

Scanning Principle

Rotating laser, permanent scanning

Probe movement

By rod / self-moving

Data transfer


Battery Lifetime

more than 8 hours


Parameter Accuracy

Non-straightness (warpage)


Diameter / ovality


Probe positioning

+ 1mm

Profile height / width

+ 0.015mm

Profile angle

+ 0.010 on 1 m length

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