Clinical Thermal Imager TIGER4 Pro & Plus

Clinical Thermal Imager TIGER4 Pro & Plus
Clinical Thermal Imager TIGER4 Pro & Plus
Product Description

Clinical Infrared Thermal Imaging System Pro & Plus

·      For biomedical, scientific, health related thermal measurement

·      Dedicated medical infrared imager for full protocol studies (human & veterinary)

·      Immediate auto-save single frame capture for extremely sensitive imaging

·      Device Independent compatible file format with high performance SED technology

·      Thermodynamically stable with low noise & calibrated black-body reference

·      Manufactured in the U.S.A.


Tiger4 Pro

Tiger4 Plus

Teletherm TIGER4 clinical infrared thermal imaging system

Teletherm TIGER4 clinical infrared thermal imaging system (with stand & personalized training)

USB controller

320x240 Array

8-12 micron

Variable-focus with front surface optics (no lenses required - excellent depth of field).


15 mK NETD (nominal - very low noise/clear image)

Temp. Range: Room to 45 degrees C (calibrated for physiological measurement)

Spatial Resolution: 0.28 mm per pixel*

FOV: ~28 degrees

+/- 0.5 degrees C accuracy (nominal)

LN2 Cryogenic 77K (gold standard)

Digital Zoom

Time Delay for Self-Scan & Time Sequence Multiple Image Capture

Complete ThermReview Clinical Thermology post-processing software

20+ Palettes and palette creation package

Automatic x/y coordinate system for each temperature value

Multiple image display

Calibration software for in the field adjustment

Statistical software module for third party access to image values in CSV or Excel format

Multiple Isotherm processing module

3/8" Euro Thread for Tripod or Camera Stand Mounting

Online training program

Personalized Instruction & Training at Teletherm facilities / On site available


Counter-balanced Camera stand with locking wheels

Configured Laptop with software installed

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