Blast Vibration Monitoring System Vibracord DX

Blast Vibration Monitoring System Vibracord DX
Blast Vibration Monitoring System Vibracord DX
Product Description

Blast Vibration Monitoring System Vibracord DX


·      Specially designed for blasting and construction work

·   The vibration measuring instrument Vibracord DX is used in construction work, mining, blasting, demolition or other jobs where vibrations cannot be completely avoided

·      With a Graphic LCD screen and 8 keys for an intuitive menu control

·      Up to seven channels. One or two 3-Axis blocks of geophones and one channel for low frequency sound pressure

·      The remote operations allow the control of the equipment from the Internet

·      Different e-mails addresses with different alarm levels allowed

·      The WEB and FTP servers are in the equipment itself. You need not depend on the manufacturer

·      An ISO-17025 accredited certificate of calibration is provided with the equipment



·      Designed to work under rough conditions (IP-54)

·      Automatic checking of the geophones before recording

·      FFT Analysis performed in the equipment

·      Receive the recording data in your mobile phone or e-mail (no special software required)

·      KBf options according to DIN- 45669


Technical Specifications

Sample rate

2048 samples per second

Frequency response

2 – 250 Hz (ISEE)

1-315 Hz (DIN 45669-1)

Trigger modes

Automatic Manual External

FFT Calculation

Equipment and Computer

Data transfer modes

USB Disk

FTP Server

Data visualization



FTP Server



Graphic LCD

128x64 pixels


8 Keys

Data storage memory

200 MiB

Up to 2.800


Internal power supply

Li-Polymer rechargeable battery

Dimensions (mm)


Weight (Without accessories)

1.9 kg



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