Bearing Condition Analyser 77D11

Bearing Condition Analyser 77D11
Bearing Condition Analyser 77D11
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    Bearing Condition Analyser 77D11 with Non-Contact Tacho


    Ideally, rolling bearing elements are separated by a protective lubricant film, which impedes their collision. However, manufacturing defects, damages, which appear during operation, dirt in the bearing, insufficient or incorrect lubrication – all these factors cause the collision of the bearing elements and, as a result, acoustic oscillations of a wide spectrum are generated in the bearing body.



    ·      Operating temperature (device & sensor), -10 to 55°С, (±5)°С

    ·      Relative humidity 80% at temperature 30 °С

    ·      Atmospheric pressure, 84 to 106.7 KPa (630 - 800 mm Hg)

    ·      Resonance frequency, 32 kHz

    ·      Measurement unit, dBi, dBc, dBm

    ·      Range, max. 99dB

    ·      Resolution, 1 dB

    ·      Accuracy, ± 5%

    ·      Operating temperature (tacho), 10 to 55°С, (±5)°С

    ·      Tachometer range, 50-30,000rpm

    ·      Tachometer resolution, 1rpm

    ·      Tachometer sensing distance, up to 1m

    ·      Memory capacity, 2MB

    ·      PC communication port, USB


    System Specification:

    ·      Power supply, 3.6V NiMH rechargeable battery.

    ·      Continuous operation on batteries, not less than 10 hours.

    ·      Current consumption 220V, 50 Hz AC, not more than 5VA.

    ·      The limits of complementary error of the instrument at voltage changing from 3.6Volts to 2.8Volts.

    ·      Probability of no-failure operation, not less than 0.92 per 2000 hrs.

    ·      The average instrument life, not less than 10 years.

    ·      Failure time, 1000 hours. The average failure time is set for standard conditions for operation.

    ·      Dimensions, not more than 60 х 110 х 30 (mm).

    ·      Weight, not more than 210gram.

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