3D Hand Scanner SYMCAD

3D Hand Scanner SYMCAD
3D Hand Scanner SYMCAD
Product Description

3D Hand scanner SYMCAD


  • Digital Data Capture PC Workstation (including Microsoft Windows 8.1 Pro - English version)

  • Non-contact 3D hand image capture system and automated hand measurement

  • Data Capture PC Workstation (incl. MS Windows 10 Pro - English version)

  • 3D hand scanning time: 0.9 second

  • Automatic self calibration (calibration time: 5 seconds)

  • High resolution sensors: 4 digital video cameras

  • Accuracy: 0.25 mm

  • Visual control of hand positioning in the measuring area

  • Automatic extraction of six hand measures within 15 seconds

  • Light and transportable device

  • Floor space: 0.25 m²

  • Local MORPHO™ Relational Database Management System enabling the merging of personal data, hand and body measurements, scan data and articles

  • Parameterization of the MORPHO™ database (glove size conversion tables, user-defined measurements, …)

  • One-year warranty + hardware maintenance 'return to factory' + software maintenance + hotline support

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