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Underground Pipes, Cables and Leak Detection is intended to locate the leakage points of underground pipelines of water, heat supply systems and to locate energized cables by passive method. Search for damage places is carried out through listening to the acoustic noises from the route surface using the receiver and the acoustic sensor where the signal is preliminary amplified.

The instrument used has an electromagnetic sensor and a receiver is used for route location. The receiver amplifies and filters the received signal. The receiver has a feature of signal reception from the industrial frequency (50/60 Hz) emission source and cathode protection systems (100/120 Hz). These modes are used to locate the routing places for cables and pipelines under voltage with corresponding frequency.

Acoustic portable leak detector with the function of passive detection of energized cables is used for:

·      Leakage detection in pipes located at the depth of 6 meters in channel laying and in non-channel laying.

·      Detection of power alive cables by a passive method at the depth of 6 m.

We use the state-of art instrument to perform underground Water Leak and Cable Detection with features such as:

·      Extremely small dimensions and light weight of the receiver

·      Transformable filter of high selectivity

·      Increased noise immunity

·      Comfortable level of sound in the headphones

·      The "HOLD" (storage) mode


·      Detection of loaded and dead cables, electro conductive pipelines underground (depth - 6m, distance from the place of transmitter connection – 3 km);

·      Water leak detection. From the pipelines;

·      Pinpoint cable faults by acoustic method;

·      Cable selection from a bunch;

·      Detection of pipes depressurization places (3 m depth);

·      Survey of areas before the ground-works performing.

The kit "Athlete ATG-525" consists of 3 devices:

·      Cable and pipe locator with electromagnetic sensor;

·      Kit for pinpointing cable faults by acoustic method;

·      Water leak detector with acoustic sensor.