Ultra Low Sound Pressure Level Meter 6236

Ultra Low Sound Pressure Level Meter 6236

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ACO Ultra Low Sound Pressure Level Meter TYPE 6236


World's First "0-dB Function"

By employing the original DSP technology, which eliminates the self-noise of the microphone with preamplifier, the lower limit of measurement has been drastically extended to lower than 0 dB-SPL. Linearity range, extended to 100 dB in the usual state, further expands to that corresponding to the measurement range 0 ½ 80dB(A) by holding the 0-dB function in ON position.

It enables to measure ultra-low sound pressure level, so displaying its greatest power as in the quietness measurement of, or tone quality evaluation of, various silent-type IT/OA equipments, as well as in the measurement of air-conditioning noise or sound isolation in a concert hall with ambient noise below NC-20.