Palmheld Infrared Thermal Imager TIGER4 Cub System

Palmheld Infrared Thermal Imager TIGER4 Cub System

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Palm-held Infrared Thermal Imager for Clinics  Doctors


Tiger4 Cub Systems - Advanced technology


Model No. 160

Model No. 380

Model No. 640

Palm-held infrared thermal imager for quick assessment and thermal measurement

Mini camera

USB controller & Software with configured laptop

FPA detector system with video rate capture - for live action studies

Provides for single frame capture into TIFF file format

160x120 Array

382x288 Array

640x480 Array

Table top tripod

Carry Case

FPA, uncooled

7.5-13 micron

80 mK NETD



Temp Range: -20-100 degrees C

FOV: 38x29 degrees

FOV: 33x25 degrees


75 mK NETD

1/4-20 tripod mount

Standard palettes included

Powered solely through USB connection (no battery or AC required)