Environmental Monitoring Systems

Environmental Monitoring Systems

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Environmental Monitoring Systems

We introduce ourselves as business enterprise engaged in Environmental Monitoring Systems, Online Monitoring of Industrial

Emission and Effluent Systems solution. We are having our own indigenous Developed Design Hardware and Server software

systems. This Hardware is directly connect with different make Analyzer (with various Protocol like 4 - 20 Ma/RS 485


232, Ethernet /GPRS etc.) and this Hardware is directly connect with our server software through cloud Connectivity without

using extra connectivity drives or Computer systems. We have design this full system as per CPCB/ GPCB Guide. Our online

Data Servers Connectivity software & Hardware is fully tested and proven, so that we can also give demo on demand if



  • Elegant & Smart Appearance

  • Indigenized Compact Product

  • State of the Art technology

  • Outstanding accuracy, stability & durability