Cable locator “Success CBI-309N”

Cable locator “Success CBI-309N”

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Cable locator “Success CBI-309N”

Digital cable locator featuring our most advanced receiver AP-019.1



·           Monoblock receiver AP-019.1 with built-in omnidirectional antenna

·           Direct digital measurement of cable current

·           Direct digital depth measurement up to 10 m


Brief description:

·           Two modes of operation: "ROUTE” and "GRAPHIC”

·           Three inbuilt sensors make omnidirectional antenna showing a cable direction on LCD

·           Inbuilt sensor for digital measurement of the depth and current

·           Large LCD display with high resolution and adjustable backlight brightness



·           Detection of energized cables underground up to 10 m

·           Direct digital measurement of the depth up to 10 m

·           Direct measurement of the current

·           Indication of the deviation from the utility axis in the mode “ROUTE”