Bearing and Unbalance Analyser 9080

Bearing and Unbalance Analyser 9080

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Bearing and Unbalance Analyser 9080


This vibration meter allows you to conduct vibration analysis at the touch of a button. The economical and easy-to-use meter displays color coded alarm levels for ISO values and bearing damage (BDU) on the full color LED display; green (good), yellow (caution), and red (stop).


·           ISO built-in alarms

·           Easily identify bearing problems with BDU reading, balance and alignment problems also

·           Built in band filters detect equipment problems:

 1X (unbalance)

 2X (misalignment)

 3X (looseness)

·           View complex issues with the 800-line spectrum with zoom and cursor

·           Ruggedized IP67 design

·           Trend data with included C-trend Lite software

·           Standard cable mounded accelerometer with magnet

·           Built in Bluetooth™ communication capability

·           USB docking station to download to a PC

·           Easily collect and store data